Terms and Conditions


The client (You) contracts Us Pro Design’s services according to terms and conditions.

Receipt of materials

The client will send the texts typed in a word or any other editable format from which we can copy them without the need to order them; this means that we do not accept scanned or handwritten texts as the material included in the budget. Likewise, the images contained in the site will be sent digitized in jpg, png, gif, or tiff.

Development deadlines

Whether you hire a predefined plan or a customized development, the stipulated term of realization will begin to apply once we receive all the materials and necessary information to be provided by the client. Deadlines are counted in working days. Therefore, any time the client requires to evaluate the development will be added to the initially stipulated deadline. If this period exceeds 30 calendar days without communication, the work will be terminated without the right to any refund.

Compliance and revisions

By contracting Us Pro Design’s design services, it is understood, first and foremost, that you have seen samples of our work and that our design style is in line with your graphic image preferences. Us Pro Design will initially send non-personalized examples and then round up an idea as close to the client’s preferences regarding functionality and design. At these stages, the client will give his agreement or request modifications. Because of the above, a maximum of 3 sets of revision/correction of the work is considered reasonable. Any change that implies redoing something approved, or excessive modification requests, will add a cost in hours of work to the initially agreed price. In case a requested modification, in terms of programming, complicates or hinders the site’s average performance, Us Pro Design reserves the right not to perform it and suggest alternatives, if any. If the client decides to suspend the development, the deposit will be credited for the time invested by Us Pro Design and will not be refunded.

Contracting plans

The plans offered on the website are provided as-is. Therefore, if the customer does not use or dispense with any of the features, it will not involve any discount on the price.

Method of payment

In all cases, payment is requested before the beginning of the development, which depending on the total amount, may range between 50% and 60%. Then, once the product is finished, and before it goes online for websites, or before sending the work in high quality for printing in the case of graphic design, the remaining balance will be paid for the position.


Once the development is finished, you will receive instructions on using the hosting account and content management panel in the corresponding cases. At any time, you can ask us additional questions via email.

Registration in Google search and Analytics

The registration in google does not imply any positioning in the search results. For example, if they search for your company name or domain name, it will appear in the results without a guaranteed position. What Google Analytics does is measure the traffic of visits to your site. These reports can be helpful for future marketing strategies to take but do not imply or include in any way the promotion of your location on the Internet.

Backup of graphic design files

Once a graphic development is finished, and the files are delivered, the client assumes the responsibility of preserving and backing them up. However, Pro Design may keep a copy of the files for a reasonable period at the client’s disposal without obligation, commitment, or responsibility.

Backup of your site files

Us Pro Design hosts its clients’ sites on dedicated servers located in the USA, programmed to back up the files and databases of all areas twice a week on a second server. It would allow to quickly restore one or all of the sites in case of any unforeseen event, such as the central server breaking down or even an anonymous hacker attack on the site’s files. These security measures mean that your site’s files are virtually risk-free. However, there are exceptions that we are obliged to detail: in case of a severe fire in the data center facilities, natural disaster, war, state of siege, or extraterrestrial attack. Us Pro Design is not responsible for the integrity of your site files or any damages that may result from the loss of such information. However, it undertakes to make reasonable efforts and preventive actions to preserve and restore them. In addition to the server’s security measures, you can, from the panel of your hosting account, download a complete backup of the files and databases of your site from time to time.

Responsibility for site operation

Us Pro Design is not responsible for the use that the client or third parties make of your website, among other circumstances, but not limited to: fraudulent orders on an eCommerce site, failures in the payment gateway, inadequate content that could lead to any claim or civil or criminal proceedings, loss of profit by sites temporarily offline (whatever the reason for the fall or suspension of the account on the server), use of the server for spam, phishing or scams, hacker attacks or DDOS attacks.

Intellectual Property

The client assumes any legal claim on rights or authorship of materials provided for the development, disassociating Us Pro Design from any direct or indirect legal action or claim.

At its sole discretion and with the client’s prior approval, Us Pro Design may use some royalty-free images or illustrations acquired from recognized international photo banks to complement the design.

Acceptable Content

Us Pro Design may reject or suspend any work or service, which at its discretion and understanding, involves or incites any illegal activity, violence, discrimination that is contrary to morality or good customs, that involves spam or cyber scams, or that violates applicable laws.


Us Pro Design is committed to not disclosing confidential information about your company or your company’s clients. Any information you provide us will be used only to develop the work entrusted to us.

Use of this site

Most of the contents, including the writing of texts such as the present contract of terms and conditions, logo, and brand, are the intellectual property of Us Pro Design, so any unauthorized copying or plagiarism may be subject to legal action that Us Pro Design understands pertinent.

Modification of Terms

Us Pro Design reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. In the case of clients with development in progress, the terms and conditions in force at the time of their contract will apply.